Tilted Rainbow Jello

Making a delicious rainbow jello dessert is time consuming but the end result is spectacular. This would be perfect for someone hosting a rainbow themed birthday party.

Prepare 6 colors of Jello. They used Cherry, lemon, lime, orange, grape and berry blue. Mix them with water according to package directions. Place the container you have chosen into something that will keep them on a tilt. They used a muffin and it worked very well. Pour the first color in and refrigerate until firm. Add the next layer, refrigerate and repeat with all the other colors. If the container you are using is small at the bottom and get larger at the top, you may have to increase the amount of liquid you use as you go up.
1 ounce shooter cup: Started off with 1/2 tsp per color for first 3 colors and increased to 3/4 tsp or 1 tsp at top.
8 oz wine goblet: Started with 1 tablespoon for first layers ended up using almost 3 at the top of the cup.

You need to fit in six layers into the cup so plan accordingly. Try tilting the cup and filling it with water measure the water an divide by 6 to give you a general idea how much to use for each color.
It will take about 45 minutes for the first layers to set up in the fridge. Other layers at the top will probably set up faster (20-30 minutes).
If the jello liquid you have made starts to set while you are waiting, just put it into the microwave for a few seconds and it will melt. I found that some of the jello containers started to set at the bottom but it was still useable without warming.


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